About Signature Token ICO

The unit of value that Signature creates to self-govern its business model, and empower the users to interact with the platform and use its services while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all SIGN Token Stakeholders

Signature Token is proudly part of the Blockchain Ecosystem and adds Security with its Smart Contract integration. Below is a short introduction video to Blockchain, Smart Contracts and their capabilities

Buyer & Seller

Buyer - Seller

Client - Company

As Signature Token, our primary goal is to create a safe bridge between buyer and seller or Token sender and receiver.

Signature Token is a way to protect your financial assets. More specifically; a platform to keep the goods under control and regulated in a transaction between the two parties

Signature Token is a security implementation for Blockchain based transactions (B2B,P2P) and Blockchain based shopping (B2C,C2C). With Signature Token the users gets access to improved security for every transaction.

Unlike any other coin in the market, to ensure the safe transfer of the funds, Signature Token has an implemented security system in its maincore, thus overcoming the payment security problem for Commercial Sites and Businesses. The automated Consent system which is for both the Issuer and its counterpart adds legitimatized and manually authorized Security for frictionless, paperless, transparent and fast transactions

Our Solution


Lack of Security in Blockchain Shopping
  • Buyer - No proof of getting the product after sending the funds
  • Seller - If not directly payed possibility of loss of funds managed by the third party
  • Blockchain Marketplace - Most times in case of disputes the Marketplace is responsible


Signature Token's Secure Payment Method Integrated Escrow Technology
  • Buyer - Buyer gets notified as soon as the seller ships the product
  • Seller - Gets a Consent Notification when the buyer has sent SIGN Tokens
  • Blockchain Marketplace - Disputes are automatically handled through the smart contracts of Signature Token


No guarantee of Transfers for Businesses & Companies
  • Limited possibility for legitimate transferring options for Companies in Blockchain
  • No professional method of transfer for Data + Money* between Businesses through Blockchain Technology
  • One time only public transfers between individual wallet addresses
*Money: Cryptocurrency as Signature Token (SIGN)


Payment & Service guarantee through Signature Platform
  • Trusted and credible transfer of services where both parties have to Sign the Smart Contract manually
  • Signature Platform enables Businesses to transfer Data + Money simultaneously in the Blockchain
  • Saved transparent transfers for regular automated transferring between private Signature Token Wallet Addresses


  • Is Signature Token a Security Token?

    - No, Signature Token is a Utility Token with security implementations delivering both benefits for the users.

  • How do I participate in Signature Token ICO?

    - Fill out the KYC Form on the Signature Token Website. Once the KYC was successfully completed, you will receive an instructional email on how to send your funds safely.

  • How do I receive Signature Tokens (SIGN)?

    - Your SIGN will be sent to your NEON Wallet Address that you have indicated while filling the KYC Form.

SIGN Token Sale

Tokens Offered
Soft Cap (Public ICO)
ETH 7,500
NEO 125,000
Hard Cap
ETH 50,000
NEO 850,000
Tokens Distributed
1 month after the end of token sale
Private Sale / Presale I August 02 - September 29
25% Bonus 1 ETH = 200,000 SIGN
15% Bonus 0,1 ETH = 20,000 SIGN
Presale II October 18 - November 17
20% Bonus 1 ETH = 125,000 SIGN
10% Bonus 0,1 ETH = 12,500 SIGN
Crowdsale December 06 - January 31
15% Bonus 1 ETH = 100,000 SIGN
5% Bonus 0,1 ETH = 10,000 SIGN

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 65%Token Sale Program
  • 8%Airdrop, Bounty and Referrals
  • 20%Team, Founder and Board of Advisors
  • 7%Reserve Fund
  • 36%Product Development
  • 12%Business Development
  • 20%Marketing
  • 10%Legal & Regulation
  • 6%Partner/Investor
  • 8%Operational
  • 8%Contingency


2019 Q1
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assembling Team
  • Website Beta Version
  • SIGN Token POC
2019 Q2
  • SIGN Token Privatenet
  • Private Investor Agreements
  • Assembling Advisory Board
  • MVP Design
2019 Q3
  • MVP Alpha Version
  • Alpha User Contracts
  • Founding the Company
  • Private Sale
2019 Q4
  • SIGN Token Testnet
  • MVP Beta Version
  • Introduction of Referral Programme
2020 Q1
  • Marketing Campaign
  • SIGN Token Mainnet
  • ICO/IEO Public Funding Raised
  • 1st Signature Token Airdrop
2020 Q2
Platform Beta Test
  • Listing on Exchanges
  • Signature Platform Betanet Launch
  • Platform Advertisement
2020 Q3
Signature Platform
  • Signature Platform Release
  • 2nd Signature Token Airdrop
  • Signature Mobile App Release for iOS/Android
2020 Q4
Community Benefits
  • Signature Token Main Website
  • Community Growth
  • Signature Token Agreements
  • 3rd Signature Token Airdrop
2021 Q1
Technical Innovation
  • Custom Interface for Businesses and Institutions
  • Technical Solutions
2021 Q2
More Operational
  • Introducing Signature Token Bounty System
  • Adding feature for Seemless Transfers

Signature Token Team

The ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Daniel Alkan
Founder & CEO

Daniel Alkan

Founder & CEO

Daniel Alkan is the founder and CEO of Signature Token. He has once studied and has a University degree from 3 different countries across the globe with the main focus on International Trade and Business. He started research on Blockchain Technology in 2013 in regards to his knowledge on trading goods and services.

Proficient in Product Design and Methods of Trading/Transferring he envisions to build a safe and legitimate environment for companies that are willing to use the Blockchain Technology.

Proven skills and experiences in solving complex real-world problems, creating sustainable software solutions, fast critical decision making and a continuous desire for innovation combined with the passion for Blockchain enables him to grow and lead the Signature Team successfully.

Ali Bugra Kanburoglu
Blockchain Solution Architect

Ali Bugra Kanburoglu

Blockchain Solution Architect

Emre Sasmaz
Backend Developer

Emre Sasmaz

Backend Developer

Bakhtawar Tariq
Social Media Expert

Bakhtawar Tariq

Social Media Expert

Advisory Board

Thomas Pratter
Strategic Advisor

Thomas Pratter

Strategic Advisor

Thomas is the CEO and founder of Autowhale - a startup from Austria, Europe that supports blockchain-startups with a transaprent market making solution, community management and exchange & wallet integrations.

He has a strong software development background and with his skillset he can get a clear overview of the big picture of projects and direct the development of products in the right direction.

Despite his young age he has already a lot of experience in the Crypto and Trading community. Together with his ability to objectively analyze problems and his strong network of firms, partners, individuals and startups in the crypto ecosystem and his company, Thomas can add value to any project.

Stéphane Himbert

Stéphane Himbert


Our Partners


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